About Us

About Us

EC Sense develops, manufactures and distributes gas sensors and sensor modules for a wide range of applications, from air quality changes to gas warning systems. Example applications are Indoor Air Quality, Smart Home, Outdoor Air Quality, Environmental Protection, Industrial Gas Monitoring, Fire Protection, Industrial 4.0 and IoT applications.

EC Sense’s strategy is to deliver the next generation of novel sensors and modules, enabling customers to use high-quality sensor technology easily, quickly and safely, freeing up capacity to focus on other core competencies.

Website Picture Design V with grey background for About Us Page
Website Picture Design V with grey background for About Us Page

The Story Behind Our Story

EC Sense was founded in 2015 by a group of experienced gas monitoring specialists whose goal was to develop novel innovative gas sensors based on solid polymers, founding a new era in gas monitoring and measurement. Due to the technology, EC Sense’s sensors can be manufactured using fully automated printing machines, resulting in high volumes of excellent quality.

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Founder Of The Team

EC Sense Gmbh

Peter Koller

GM & Founder

GM Sensoric, Founder of Solidsense, Founder of EC Sense.
37 years of Gas Sensor & Detection Experience.

Dr. Dieter Kitzelmann

Head of R&D, Founder

Founder of Sensoric, Solidsense.
47 years of Electrochemical Gas Sensor Experience.

Dexia Li

GM of EC Sense China

Founder of THY, AQS.
22 years of Gas Sensor & Detection Experience.

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