EC Sense receives Award for Top Gas Sensing Technology

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A Glimpse into the Future: The Next Generation of Innovative Gas Sensors and Modules

EC-Sense GmbH was awarded the “Top Gas Sensing Technology” Award by Manufacturing Technology Insights. The award was accompanied by an in-depht interview with EC Sense CEO Peter Koller:

The digital revolution has fundamentally altered our perception and interaction with the world. From visual capture to auditory experiences, technological advancements have revolutionized camera and speaker technologies. However, there remains a notable gap in the realm of olfactory senses, a gap that EC-Sense GmbH is addressing through innovative means.

The company is taking action precisely in this area.

The Cornerstones of EC-Sense Innovation

Electrochemical technology has become increasingly utilized for various gas analytical applications. Here, EC Sense’s innovative technology comes into play, based on the principle of electrochemical catalytic reaction. This technology allows for the precise measurement of gas concentration by capturing the output signals of the electrochemical reactions of different gases.

“The liquid core was completely polymerized and is therefore ready for use for any type of applications in any size or format.”

EC-Sense offers two types of electrochemical sensors: a polymerized version designed for leak-free, no-dry-out, and smaller applications, and a standard liquid electrochemical sensor version with improved sealing and higher accuracy.

Key Features and Advantages of Solid Polymer Electrochemical Technology

Sensors based on solid polymer electrochemical technology offer a distinct advantage in gas detection. Unlike competing technologies such as MEMS or semiconductor sensors, EC-Sense’s electrochemical sensors are best suited for comprehensive, town-wide pollution detection.

Their competitive pricing makes them an attractive option compared to MEMS sensors. The reliability and response speed of EC-Sense sensors set them apart, as they are unaffected by poisoning, have a lifespan of five to ten years, and can handle a wide range of gases.

A notable feature that sets EC-Sense sensors apart is their zero baseline, indicating no readings when gas is absent. This stands in stark contrast to MEMS sensors, which tend to continuously register readings, often resulting in drift issues when exposed to background gases. The zero baseline of EC-Sense sensors enhances their accuracy and reliability by providing a clear reference point in the absence of gas.

EC-Sense sensors also boast lower power consumption, eliminating the need for heating, which is typical in MEMS sensors. This makes them ideal for battery-powered devices.

Compared to other electrochemical sensors, the solid polymer electrochemical sensors from EC-Sense have a small footprint to fit into a wide range of applications. Particularly in fire protection, the small solid polymer sensors have the advantage of a lifespan exceeding ten years, a testament to their robust design.

Applications and Impact

EC-Sense’s advanced technology makes a tangible difference across four pivotal segments: industrial safety, industrial farming, hydrogen detection, the semiconductor industry, and indoor & outdoor air quality monitoring. Its commitment to safety, health, and environmental quality is evident in each area.

In industrial safety, EC-Sense’s sensors play a crucial role in safeguarding industrial processes by detecting and managing potentially hazardous gases and substances, preventing accidents, and ensuring a secure working environment for employees. The control of air quality and the promotion of animal health and welfare address critical needs in industrial farming.

Another application is in the semiconductor industry, laboratories, and educational institutions. They utilize EC-Sense’s solid polymer electrochemical sensors for precise gas monitoring to support safe production, research, experimentation, and education of scientists and engineers. EC-Sense’s presence in this sector highlights its commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and technology.

EC-Sense’s technology enhances the ability to understand and address urban air pollution by providing accurate, real-time data. This contributes to healthier urban environments and empowers communities to take action to improve air quality, demonstrating a commitment to environmental sustainability and the well-being of urban populations. This equally applies to monitoring indoor air quality.

“With each innovation, we are inches closer to our vision of improving air quality and reshaping the way we perceive and interact with our environment.”

A main focus that has emerged recently is hydrogen detection. EC-Sense just released a new hydrogen sensor detecting the gas from very low up to a very high range of gas concentration.

“Our company believes hydrogen will be a fuel in the future, a real fuel next to gasoline.”

The Vision of Accessibility and Sustainability

One of EC-Sense’s overarching ambitions is to make clean air sensor technology widely accessible, with a focus on affordability and integration. It strives to reduce the cost of its sensors and make them easier to incorporate into existing products. This vision aligns with its goal of enabling more people to benefit from the advantages of clean air monitoring, ultimately contributing to a healthier and safer world.

Electrochemical sensors have emerged as the global standard for safeguarding both individuals and machinery, primarily designed for detecting typical Threshold Limit Values (TLV). Years of development have contributed to the exceptional reliability, selectivity, and durability of these sensors.

Their inherent direct linearity, where an increase in gas concentration correlates with a proportional signal increase, has facilitated the construction of both portable and stationary detectors by equipment manufacturers.

As EC-Sense continues to grow and innovate, its commitment to accessibility, safety, and environmental well-being positions the company as a significant force in making the world a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable place for all.

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Source: Manufacturing Technology Insights

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