Parking Structures as a very unique commercial space can be found everywhere due to an increasing population and urbanization. Parking Garages are often built underground and therefore in the need for a good ventilation and air quality monitoring system. Particularly since it is a confined space with a high traffic of vehicles and therefore prone to increased concentrations of carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide.

CO and NO2 are two of the most common airborne contaminants in parking structures and pose significant safety concerns. When concentrations approach unsafe levels, the levels of CO and NO2 must be controlled or ventilated. It also can result in bad air quality, which is a business risk for owners.

The concentration of CO and NO2 gas in enclosed areas may increase due to heavy traffic movements or a malfunction of the vehicle engine. Thus it is a standard practice to have CO and NO2 monitoring and control systems.

The new generation of versatile EC Sense gas sensors are a cost-effective solution. They fit for small and large installations. Precise and selective measurement ensures an optimal result. This secures the best operation of the ventilation system and maintains the required safety threshold for vehicle exhaust fumes.





























Recommended Sensors:

Product Picture for ES1-CO-100


Carbon Monoxide
Nitrogen Dioxide
Product Picture for TB600B-NO2-5


Product Picture for TB600C-SMOKE-100
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