What is the ClO2 Gas Sensor?

The EC Sense Chlorine Dioxide EC4 Gas Sensor is a liquid electrochemical gas sensor featuring long lifetime and robustness. Moreover, it does not consume any power. In addition to that it has a small footprint. The ClO2 Gas Sensor responds to Chlorine Dioxide gases which are necessary to detect in many different applications. In combination with the EC Sense Smart Digital Boards, it allows easy integration without the tedious work of sensor calibration.

What is the Technology Principle of the ClO2 Gas Sensor?

At the heart of the EC4 Gas Sensor is a liquid electrochemical sensor. This Liquid electrochemical sensing technology is a revolutionary innovation in the field of electrochemical detection. In essence this technology is based on the principle of electrochemical catalytic reaction. Accordingly, this technology detects the output signals of the electrochemical reactions of different gases. Moreover, it accurately measures the gas concentration through the signal amount.

How does the Liquid Electrochemical Technology work?

The EC Sense Gas Sensor is composed of three catalytic electrodes, liquid electrolytes and gas diffusion holes. The gas reaches the working electrode of the sensor through the diffusion holes, where an electrochemical reaction takes place at a so called 3-phase boundary. This generates a current signal as an output which is linear proportional to the gas concentration.

What makes the EC Sense EC4 Gas Sensor so special?

The EC Sense liquid electrochemical gas sensor has excellent sensitivity at lower temperatures. With a double sealed housing for advanced leakage protection, it furthermore has a stable zero point and a fast stabilization time. Therefore, it allows the sensor to be effortlessly integrated into various applications. With a RoHS approved eco-friendly design, the EC Sense Gas Sensors have a stronger adaptability to the environment. Above all the EC4 Gas Sensors have accurate detection and, through the new micro circuit design, a strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability.


  • Detects with high selectivity a wide variety of gases
  • Long lifetime > 2 years
  • Double sealed housing for advanced leakage protection
  • Stable zero return time
  • Linear output
  • High Sensitivity
  • No power consumption
  • Wide operation temperature range of -20° to +55°C
  • RoHS approved environmental design


Technical Parameters

  • Measurement Range: 0 – 5ppm
  • Resolution: < 0.01ppm
  • Maximum Overload: 10ppm
  • Sensitivity: -325 ± 200 nA / ppm (Negative Signal)
  • Response Time: T50 < 20 sec. / T90 < 60 sec.
  • Weight: < 6g
  • Dimensions (sensor): Ø20mm x 16.6mm (without pins)




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