What is the EC Sense Sensor Module Evaluation Kit?

The focus of the 04-EVAL-01 Sensor Module Evaluation Kit is to install the “Test” software which enables the user to read the data from the EC Sense sensor module boards.
EC Sense offers an Evaluation Kit for all TB600B, TB600C and TB200B sensor modules. The Evaluation Kit includes an USB UART interface and comes with an USB to TTL adapter and a cable. In addition, the EC Sense Kit contains an easy-to-use testing software. This testing software can be effortlessly installed on any standard PC allowing to test and equally get familiar with the product.

What is included in the EC Sense Sensor Module Evaluation Kit?

  • EC Sense UART to USB (TTL) Adapter
  • EC Sense Software Package

The appropriate Software for the Evaluation Kit

EC Sense offers a “Test” version of the software which differs significantly from the “Calibration” version in the range of functions.
The “Test” version displays data of the sensor and can be exported. Therefore, this version can only read data from the sensor module and cannot write the data. As a general rule, a damage of the sensor or an overwriting of the calibration data is impossible. Since all of the EC Sense products are delivered factory calibrated, this version is ideal for evaluating the EC Sense products.

The fitting Product for the Software

Each EC Sense software communicates with a specific EC Sense product, hence these products differ in the designation of the numbers and letters: TB-XXXX. In addition the software packages are marked according to the product description. The TB600B software is compatible with the TB600B products. Please note that the EC Sense products are specified by additional letter markings. This is how the TB600B product differs from the TB600C product. Here you must select the appropriate EC Sense software.

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