NH3 Ammonia

NH3 Ammonia Sensor Device:

The EC Sense NH3 Ammonia Sensor Devices include all NH3 Ammonia Sensor Devices. Applications for this product category are Leakage Detection, Industrial Safety, Water Treatment Plant, etc.
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EC Sense Introduction:

EC Sense develops, manufactures and distributes Gas Sensors and Sensor Modules. Those include Single Gas Sensor Modules and Dual Gas Sensor Modules. Furthermore EC Sense produces Sensing Devices for a wide range of applications. Namely, those applications range from air quality changes to gas warning systems. Subsequently, example applications are Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality, Early Fire Detection, Industrial Safety and Medical Treatment. Further applications are Environmental Protection, Emission and Pollution Monitoring, Industry 4.0, IoT and Smart Home Applications, Commercial Applications and Consumer Solutions.

All EC Sense Products:

EC Sense listed under “Gas Sensors” all ES1, ES4 and EC4 Gas Sensors in our Product Categories. Furthermore, EC Sense devided “Sensor Modules” into “Single Gas Modules” and “Dual Gas Modules”. Therefore, EC Sense listed under “Single Gas Modules” all of EC Sense’s TB200B, TB600B and TB600C Sensor Modules. On top of that, EC Sense described all of the Gas Combinations available for our EC Sense Dual Gas Sensor Module in the DGM10 Datasheet under “Documents”. Finally, there are currently two Gas Sensing Devices available. Accordingly, we listed both under “Sensor Devices”. The ECnose Sensor Device is used for consumer applications, whereas our ECtox Sensor Device is used for industrial applications. In Conclusion, EC Sense’s strategy is to deliver the next generation of novel sensors and modules, enabling customers to use high-quality sensor technology easily, quickly and safely, freeing up capacity to focus on other core competencies.

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